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Once you gain an object of desire, another one will be there. One fulfilled another one is waiting. Even kings are not happy. "No-desire" is absolute bliss. And when you are bliss, then there is peace. When there is peace, then there is stillness of mind. When there is stillness of mind, this is freedom.


No Experience
4 min 17 sek Se filmen »

Turn your face towards Consciousness 5 min 29 sek Se filmen »

Don't touch the I 4 min 53 sek Se filmen »

No Distance 2 min 52 sek Se filmen »

The door to your self 4 min 28 sek Se filmen »

The freedom trap 2 min 16 sek Se filmen »

Wake up 6 min 30 sek Se filmen »

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