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Sri Tat Wale Baba


Sri Tat Wale Baba

Nedan finner du några underbara citat av Tat Wale baba.
Du kan läsa mer om hans enkla sanningar på

eller se honom på ett YouTube-klipp från Rishikesh.

"What is the aim of all the beings? It is the attainment of infinite happiness. A life free from suffering, and the attainment of eternal happiness is what we want. Now, we should discriminate and analyze if there is anything in the world which can give us permanent, eternal happiness. From the ant up to the giant of the Creator, all are in the field of change, that is, relative values. Infinite happiness can only come from something which could be immortal, non-changing, eternal."

"This which is the goal of everything, this infinite, is our own Self. And in order to experience that Self which is the basis of all, we don't have to seek, we don't have to search, we don't have to make efforts. It's there, present everywhere. Wherever you are, in whatever reign of time or place, that Self is there - wherever we are in whatever time. Only, we have to take our awareness to that level and that is it. Having forgotten that level of life, we are seeking for that eternal happiness. That Self is. It is being and it is blissful. Having forgotten that, we now are seeking for it. We have forgotten what we ourselves are and we're trying to find that in the world."

"As long as we don't enter into that area which is infinite happiness, free from suffering, so long we will not be free from suffering and we will not get into that eternal happiness. There is no happiness of significant nature in the world; the child is gone, and the youth is gone, and the man is old, and even then he is not fulfilled in the world. When he gets established in the Self, then automatically freedom from suffering and attainment of bliss will be there."

"That which is omnipresent doesn't have to be sought. It's there already. Start to be. That which is omnipresent is not to be sought; only our awareness has to be brought to that level and that bliss is there. You don't have to seek it. Understand? Unless we get into that omnipresent bliss, satisfaction is not going to come. If it were to come, it would have come by now through so many avenues in the world. But, it has not. Therefore, that which is the Self is your own being.You don't have to look in the outside. And, it is irrespective of any religious faiths or beliefs; Christians or Mormons or Hindus. That being is the knowledge itself. Only, you have to know."

"All these various manifestations of happiness that we experience in the world, they also are the manifestations of the same eternal being which is our own Self. If we are aware of the Self, if we know it, fine. Otherwise, we have to be. And, therefore, it is necessary to bring our awareness deep within ourselves. As deeply as we can bring our awareness to the Self, so intensely we can inherit that which is omnipresent in our day to day life. Having known that Self we will be eternally contented; remaining in the world we will live contentment. And, it's not a matter of detaching ourselves from the world. Only, we have to know It, and having known It, then, all different manifestations in the world will be experienced as manifestations of That. We don't have to detach ourselves. It is just a matter of bringing the awareness to that area, and be, and live It."

"Having gained this beautiful, perfect human nervous system, if we have known that element of the Self, then we have really used this wonderful diamond-like gift, this diamond-like nervous system which is capable of giving that eternal bliss. If it is not experienced, then we have wasted that gift of diamond. We have taken upon ourselves this human nervous system, not for the sake of petty enjoyment of changing nature in this relative field of change, but to live and be that infinite bliss. And, we will have to attain that thing whether we attain it in this life, or in the next, or in the next. We just can't forego that. Therefore, with the assistance of the guru and the scriptures, better to attain it quickly. Why postpone?"

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